Billy (b. London, UK) works between performance and text.
    The estrangement of established frameworks — linguistic, relational, folk-social, erotic — is at the crux of their work. 
    This twist often pivots around language and gesture as conveyors of meaning, power and old tongues. 

Billy has shared their work at ICA, London (2024), Perdu, Amsterdam (2023), ROZENSTRAAT, Amsterdam (2023), Au Jus, Brussels (2023), Tteerriibbllee Space, Amsterdam (2023), marytwo, Luzern (solo exhibition, 2022), Juf Project, Madrid (2022), The Place, London (2022), Eau Salon, Zürich (2021), Salon 14, Warsaw (2020), Cosmos Carl (2020), Capitain Petzel, Berlin (2020), K21 Düsseldorf (with Moritz Krauth, 2020) and Kem Warsaw (2020).
        They have led writing and performance workshops at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London (2024), PUBLIC LIBRARY, Edinburgh (2023) and Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2023) as part of a research residency with Rhubaba in collaboration with civic soup.
       Billy has performed at the Stedelijk Museum (2023), Santarcangelo Festival (2023), Manifesta 14 Prishtina (2022), Muenchner Volkstheater (2022), HAU Berlin (2021), Tanzhaus NRW (2021), Kunsthalle Basel (2019), The 58th Venice Biennale (2019), Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej (2019—20), Frieze London (2018) and Fundacja Galerii Foksal (2018), among others, in the works of Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, Astrit Ismaili, Ania Nowak, Wojciech Grudziński, caner teker, Sunny Pfalzer, Zander Porter, Paca Faraus and Małga Kubiak.

Billy’s texts have been performed at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2021), K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie, Hamburg (2021, in the film work of Przemek Kamiński), Cell Project Space (2020, in the performance of Krzysztof Bagiński), published by X-Philes (Warsaw, 2023), No More Poetry (Melbourne, 2022), Krzak Papier (Warsaw, 2020), and Modern Queer Poets (Pilot Press, London, 2019) and broadcasted on Montez Press Radio and Cashmere Radio (2022). Billy programmed and guided the first Queer Ecologies Reading Circle on 'Queer Placemaking', as part of the 2018—19 residency of Kem (artist-run queer-feminist group), also at CSW (2018).

Billy was a student of the Studio of Spatial Activities at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, led by Mirosław Bałka (2018—19).